Santa Barbara BMW Motorcycle Club Membership

Membership in the Santa Barbara BMW Riders is simple.  We encourage membership from ANYONE meeting the requirements below:

Requirements of a New Club Member:

1) Applicants must own or aspire to own a BMW motorcycle.  If you are a past BMW owner and a member of the club, you are grand-fathered into the club and are welcome to continue riding with your club friends.

2) You must attend 3 events, as a guest, before applying for membership.  Events include monthly meetings, rides, special events, etc.

3) You must complete the membership application and pay an annual fee of $20.00.  If you apply after July 1st, your fee is reduced to $10.00.

4) Family membership is $25 per year.

Benefits of Club Membership:

1) You can attend all club events

2) You have access to the physical resources of the club, including books, CD’s, tools, magazines, etc.

3) You have the option of receiving the monthly newsletter via mail.

4) You will receive the monthly newsletter via Emails

5) You will be placed on the Email list to receive all club announcement for rides, events, and other issues related to riding or supporting each other.

6) You will have a Member Profile on the web site, where other club members can learn more about you and have quick contact information for you.

7) You will be a part of a family of friends and riders that meet for the love of riding and ….. eating 🙂

8) Being a part of community is good for your health.

9) etc.