The Rock Inn in Lake Hughes

Miles: 136
Days: 1
Hours: 6
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Posted by: Bob Phinney
Date Posted: July 9, 2023
Rock Inn Google Map

Want to ride for 6 hours on mountain roads?

It is a great ride and mostly on mountain roads.

It is a 3-hour ride to lunch at The Rock Inn in Lake Hughes. With stops for gas, conversation, etc, we will arrive at the Rock Inn a bit after noon.

There are many ways to return. We will decide which way back at lunch.

We will leave from the Chevron gas station on La Cumbre in Santa Barbara at 8:30 am on Tuesday, 26 APR.

For those in Ventura who may want to join us, I expect we will arrive at the Shell station in Ojai around 9:30 am


Rock Inn Timeline
NOTE: Stopping points below show accumulative miles


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