Rocket Ride Sunday – Falcon 9 Liftoff, Vandenberg

If you miss the 830 departure, here is the planned route, so you can catch up or shortcut as needed. Route: Sears parking lot, old San Marcos Rd, 154, 246, Santa Ropsa Rd, Jalama Rd.  Approx 86 miles, 1 hour 40 min. Thanks for the suggestion, Wyman. 


The ride was GREAT!!!

The Falcon 9 launch was GREAT – though we couldn’t see it, we sure heard it take off!  We did see it via Iphone.  The main booster landed on the barge, but unfortunately fell over due to a gimpy leg!  Still;, incredible in my book!

Wyman Winn (fearless ride leader), Lee Husband, Marten Walkker, David Hamilton, James Chen, Brian Mastinik (new guy) and Chuck Beattie.  Phil Wilson staged an ambush at Santa Rosa Rd and joined in. 

We discovered that when there is a launch at Vandenberg, Jalama Beach is closed to everyone.  We were turned back at the start of Jalama Rd.  All campers, surfers, bikers, etc. are booted out for the launch period.  So, we had lunch at the Jalama Beach Cafe in Lompoc (next best thing).  Thank you, Brian!!

The ride back thru Los Alamos… Foxen Cyn…Solvang, etc. was beautiful too.  Nice to see some green growing again in our area.  Lucky we are to live in such an awesome part of the world.  

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